Construction at newly named Broncos Park Powered by CommonSpirit won’t start until after training camp, ensuring fan access

Construction at newly named Broncos Park Powered by CommonSpirit won’t start until after training camp, ensuring fan access

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Fans will get one more training camp on the grass berm at the newly named Broncos Park Powered by CommonSpirit.

Construction work on the team’s new headquarters and training facility is now set to begin after the preseason wraps up, Broncos president Damani Leech told The Denver Post.

As a result, fans can expect a familiar training camp experience one last time later this summer, a change from the expectation when this project was first announced in November.

“It’s really, really exciting,” Leech said. “We knew we needed to build a new facility and where it was going to go was going to have an impact on training camp. As we got into the process from a construction project standpoint, what we kept hearing early on was, in order to be in the building for the start of the 2026 season and 2026 training camp, we need to start the construction what would effectively have been now. We’d be out there with bulldozers.

“But as we got deeper into the process and got more comfortable with it, we were able to feel much more comfortable with a timeline that would allow us to hold off on the start of major construction until right after training camp.”

That means Broncos fans will be out on the berm like normal for several training camp days, likely beginning in late July and proceeding through a joint practice with the Green Bay Packers before the teams’ Aug. 18 preseason game. Last year, Denver had 12 practices open to the public between July 28 and the second preseason game. Tickets were required but free and the dates are normally announced in late June.

Instead of temporary seating over the parking lots south of the practice field, the biggest differences for fans this year will be some fencing, other early signs of construction prep work and new CommonSpirit signage.

The club didn’t actually change corporate partners, but Centura Health informed the club as they finalized their partnership agreement a year ago of the likelihood that they’d fold in under the CommonSpirit name.

A rendering of the Broncos Park signage in the main window of the Paul D. Bowlen Memorial Centre in Centennial. (Provided by Denver Broncos)
A rendering of the Broncos Park signage in the main window of the Paul D. Bowlen Memorial Centre in Centennial. (Provided by Denver Broncos)

“They’ve been great, not only through this name and design process, but you’ve seen the commercials they’ve done. They’re really great partners. They love football,” Leech said. “They’re leaning into it. But they’re also great community partners. We’ve done great work with them on food insecurity with the Broncos Foundation and they want to do more than just have their name on the building or a press conference backdrop.

“They’re really great partners, been great community partners and that’s what we want out of a partnership.”

As for the construction project, it will ramp into high gear after the preseason and the plan, Leech said, is to have it completed by the time training camp begins in 2026.

“So that’s one more training camp for fans sitting out on the berm just like they did last year,” he said. “I think it’s great for the fans, great for the team as well to have that sort of atmosphere. We were prepared to have temporary seating — we’ll likely need that next year anyway — but to have one more season with fans on the berm is great.”

The club first announced plans to build the training facility, estimated at a cost of roughly $175 million, and team headquarters at its Dove Valley location in November. The footprint of the building is set to connect to the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse and extend south toward Broncos Parkway.

The 205,000-square-foot complex will feature a player-centric first floor, coaches and football operations on the second floor and business operations —including many employees relocated from Empower Field — on the third floor.

The way the new headquarters is designed, and given the size of the plot of land, Leech said, “it is going to feel park-like.” Hence the new name, which was finalized after dozens of combinations and considerations by the Broncos and CommonSpirit.

Soon enough, it’ll be time for the fun part — bulldozers and cranes — but not until after training camp.

Broncos haven’t bid for future draft. The Broncos may one day host an NFL Draft, but Leech told The Post it’s not in the plans for the immediate future despite a recent report about the Broncos submitting a bid for 2027.

Next spring’s draft is in Green Bay and last week the NFL announced Pittsburgh will host in 2026.

“There’s been no official submission on our behalf for hosting the draft,” Leech said. “Now, obviously it’s a major NFL tentpole event and it’s really, really exciting, but it’s not something that we’re currently working on.”

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